Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Subscriber Giveaway Beauty Pack

Sweetest Day beauty pack subscriber giveaway!

On October 19th it's Sweetest day! I prepared this beauty pack for Saverna.
The beauty pack includes:

* 1 Redbook magazine November edition.
* 2 Sephora samples
* Candy ( chocolate and lollipop)
* 1 Simple face gel wash
* 1 beauty pass 10% off at CVS
7 items total.

I know Saverna in person so it's a personal subscriber giveaway. I have online , mail and personal subscriber giveaways. 

*Online subscriber giveaways are for prizes online sent to the subscriber that won.

*Mail subscriber giveaway are for prizes sent by mail to the subscriber that won.

*Personal subscriber giveaway are for subscribers I know in person and they are given by me in person , not sent by mail.

Subscriber giveaways are every Wednesday , every week for subscriber Only.

Thank you for visiting!

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