Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shop: Chopsticks


   Experience the Asian culture in a stylish way wit these decorated chopsticks ready for you to use. Here are all the chopsticks designs I have made so far. The price is $5.00 each.

         I had a lot of fun making different chopsticks designs. I get inspired by different cultures around the world.To make this chopsticks I got inspired by the Asian culture
 I admire a lot. I do use chopsticks to eat very often specially when I make bento boxes, sushi , dumplings , and noodles too. 

     I like to cook different types of ethic foods and try new things. These chopsticks would make a great gift for anyone and if you want to use them for your self they would be a great way to add something different to your every day routine.Trying different cultures is fun and opens up your mind to see that there is more out there in the world.

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