Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Youtube Glitches

Youtube glitches:

Since last month Youtube has been going through some changes adding new community tools , free music to download from audio library,changing icons on video manager , and all those changes bring glitches.

On September 2013 for 2 weeks the inbox was not working it said " 1 or 2 unread messages" when in reality all messages were read. On September 28th this was fixed.

                                              Glitches that are going on now are:

◢ Views stuck in 301 + that has been going on for 2 months.

◢ Subscriber count only updates 1 subscriber per day , meaning if you have 7 subs today , tomorrow you have 8. Even if you get the notifications by email of who subscribed you will receive it 1 day late or it never shows up on your email.

◢If you are a youtube partner your money tab it will be low or not even appear. The analystics have been working really bad so the money count is not working or appearing on your analystics.
Youtube says you have not lost money it's just not being displayed properly.

◢Analystics such as video views , page views , channel views , likes ,  audience are not working , they are not being updated , so if they are low it's the system that is not updating them at all.

◢ If you have more then 3,000 contacts on your address book it takes forever to download or even access to your address book. To prevent this from happening delete some contacts and once it reaches less then 3,000 or 2,000 it might work properly.

  If you are a youtube partner and get paid for making videos , with all this glitches it makes it really hard to work with. I hope youtube fixes all the glitches soon or people will start using less and less youtube due to all the technical problems that are going on.I will update this information as soon as they start fixing all this problems.
On other news blogger and google + is working fine.

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