Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cute Kawaii Fashion Storenvy

Cute Kawaii Fashion Storenvy:

Coupon code: Electrofries
Amount: 10% OFF

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Here are some super kawaii products that are consider best sellers:


Price: $27.00

 Perfect for fall/winter season. The product also comes in different colors and sizes too.

                          Galaxy sneakers

Price: $44.00

Cute Harajuku galaxy sneakers good for any season of the year.

                               Cute Navy Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Denim Outerwear

Price: $37.00

Perfect for fall/winter season.

                             Harajuku 3D Cute Cat

Price: $35.00

Cute Harajuku cats! perfect for fall/winter season.


Price:$ 24.00

Kawaii cat backpack goes perfect with the clothes above to complete the kawaii neko look.
^        ^ 

Remember to use the coupon code to save money on your kawaii purchase!

Happy shopping!
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