Monday, October 13, 2014

OASAP Winter Subscriber Giveaway

OASAP Winter Subscriber Giveaway:


  Here is your chance to win 1 out of 5 free Harajuku sweatshirts!

Starts October 14th , ends Oct. 20th at 1AM Eastern time.

Rules to participate:

1. Subscribe to my Youtube channel.
(To double your chances follow me on Google +).

2. Sign up as a member for:
It's free!

3.Follow at least 1 of OASAP Social media:

4.Send me a private message letting me know you Subscribed , followed , and the email you signed up with on

  The reason why I need the email address is because OASAP will check if your email is in their system.

Here are the prizes:

(1) Dainty Floral Pattern Sweatshirt:

(2)One-Eye Monster Sweatshirt:

(3) Innovative Organza Paneled Sweatshirt:

(4) Massive Balloon Print Sweatshirt:

(5) Garfield Cat Print Cropped Sweatshirt:

  The winner will be announced on a video and will get to choose 1 prize from OASAP out of the 5 displayed above.

 All other participants will also get different prizes not from OASAP they can choose 1 out of 3 prizes such as:

1.Beauty products + Mystery gift. ( US Mail.)

 2. Branding Intro for your Youtube channel.

3. Free Music.(Online)

Everyone wins something! ^^ 
Please follow all 4 rules in order to participate on the subscriber giveaway.

Good luck everyone! ^^

Thank you for visiting!