Friday, October 17, 2014

Japanese Fashion Styles Lookbook OASAP

Japanese Fashion Styles Lookbook OASAP:




Price: $19.90



Fishnet tight socks:




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First look: Harajuku

  Based on the Harajuku fashion style very popular in Tokyo I made a look with pieces from OASAP.

  The  sweatshirt with the sailor skirt and tights are a popular look in Japan in fall and winter season.

  Harajuku girl's wear a lot colorful accessories and fun too. That's why I made this look fun with leopard ears and a blonde wig mixed with my real brunette hair.

What is Harajuku?

 Harajuku is a district in Shibuya , Tokyo , Japan.

Harajuku is known internationally for it's fashion and culture too.A lot of shopping and dining too.

Rating for sweatshirt:

Second look: Kawaii 
  Kawaii means cute in Japanese. This outfit is a simple and cute look perfect for outdoors , shopping , dining out , a cute daily outfit.

  Black and white colors never go out of style.
They are classic pieces that are timeless.The fabric of the shirt is very light perfect for spring , fall and summer seasons.

Rating for shirt:

Third look: Lolita
 What is Lolita fashion?

  Lolita is a fashion style from Japan based on Victorian era clothing.

There are different sub cultures in the lolita fashion world such as;
goth lolita , sweet lolita , classic lolita , punk lolita , princess lolita , guro lolita , sailor lolita , country lolita , Qi lolita , Wa lolita , oji lolita means boystyle , shiro and kuro lolita, casual lolita.

  In the near future I will make all the looks mentioned above.^^ They look fun!.

  The look I created is gothic mixed with sweet lolita. That's why it's mixed with black and pink.

 What I love about the dress is the detail on the back take a look:

Here is the makeup I used for this look:

* False eyelashes
* Black eyeliner
*White pencil eyeliner
*Pink lipstick
*Natural eyeshadow.
You can also use pink or black eye shadow it can match too.

The Cat ears were made out of paper this technique is called "origami".
It's the Japanese art of making things by paper.

Watch the tutorial here to learn how to make it:

More Lolita ........^^

Check out the video to take closer look watch HD:

  Thank you OASAP for sending me the wonderful clothes for reviewing purposes.
I loved the clothes and it's a pleasure to work with your brand.=).

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