Friday, October 31, 2014

OASAP Tweed Coat


Price: $39.90

  Now that winter is coming up this coat is perfect to keep you warm and look fashionable.

Here are some details about the material this coat is made out of:

*45% Wool
*55% Polyester wool blend

*Open front design with oversized lapels for a modern structured.

*Slim fit appropriate for any occasion.

*Boucle surface  to keep cool.

*Draping cutting.

Looks for this coat:

1. Casual:
Perfect  everyday outfit with leather leggings and sneakers.

2. Edgy and sharp:
Perfect with motto boots.

3. Office Look:
Slim , classic yet simple . It's all about minimalist office style.

Fashion tip: 
  For a timeless outfit match the coat with black and white accessories and clothes.
Remember black and white never go out of style.

Money tip:

 Buying coats in black , white or gray can always match any outfit in winter. Buying a piece that never goes out of style saves you money because you don't have to go out and buy more pieces each year. 

 Instead buy 1 and have it for every winter , that way you are ready for the season and you only have to buy that piece once. Unless it breaks or it does not fit anymore.

 Always buy when there is a sale and use coupon codes + Free shipping offers they have in OASAP.

Here are some coupon codes you can use:

Coupon code:

Coupon code 2:
Amount: 18% OFF
Expires: 11/13/2014

Coupon code: Xmas2014
Amount:25% OFF

Valid from:11/1/2014 until 12/10/2014

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