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OASAP Pokemon Serena Cosplay

OASAP Pokemon Serena Cosplay:








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   The outfit is inspired by a character from Pokemon named Serena. She is a Pokemon trainer that goes on a journey with Ash and other Pokemon trainers battling and catching new Pokemons.^^

 The outfit is not 100% exactly like the character because I chose the hat in beige instead of pink and has cat ears.
I thought the beige hat looks more fun with the cat ears too.

 The rest of the outfit like the skirt , tights , and top are pretty similar to Serena's outfit.

   The fabric of the top is very light and soft.
It's perfect for fall , summer , and spring.

Top Rating: ★★★★★ 5

  The skirt is soft and easy to wear with anything.
You can wear  the skirt on any season.

Skirt Rating: ★★★★★ 5

 The hat is kawaii neko (cute cat) style you can use it on fall , spring and summer. Specially if you go on a picnic or any out door type of event.

Hat Rating: ★★★★★ 5

  The necklace is a pearl collar it can match any outfit because is a classic piece that never runs out of style.

Necklace Rating: ★★★★★ 5

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The makeup for the cosplay is really easy!.
Here I show you what I used:

Serena's character makeup is very simple , so is pretty much going natural look.

All you need is:
* Mascara
* Black eyeliner
* Beige eyeshadow
* Beige or light brown lipgloss.
* White pencil eyeliner.

  The white pencil eyeliner is to give the anime big eyes look. To complete the look you can use blue contact lenses if you want to.

Video Cosplay watch HD:

Thank you OASAP for sending me the products for reviewing purposes. I loved the products it's a pleasure to work with your brand as always.=)

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