Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WishTrend Korean Beauty Products Introduction

WishTrend Korean Beauty products:

 WishTrend is a high quality online store from Seoul ,South Korea. They sell skin care , makeup , products for men , hair , body care , tools and accessories too.

Is everything in one for all your beauty needs.

Here are some products I found interesting and for a good price too.^^
                                     [WISH FORMULA] Panda Eye Essence Mask

Price: $ 2.99 

This product gets rid of dark circles under your eyes and puffy eyes too. 

Nourishment: Hydration care.

Brightening: Anti wrinkle effect.
Antioxidant anti aging.

Pack includes:
1pcs (3ml , 2 sheets)/10 pcs in 1 box
Made in South Korea.

Watch this video of WishTrendTV on Youtube to learn more about this product:

                                 [MISQS] Kaya Nail Polish Ver.1 (5Colors)



Price: $3.99

Cute nail polish in 5 different colors.

Red , black , pink , grey and basecoat 


Brand: Misqs


Made in South Korea.

                                 [GWAILNARA] Pink Peach Hand Essence


Price: $3.99

Maintain your hands soft with this hand lotion  pink peach hand essence.

Brand: Gwalnara

Volume: 80g.

                                     [GWAILNARA] Avocado Hand Essence




Made in South Korea

                                            [KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish


Price: $15.19

Facial polish to get your skin silky smooth. This product is one of the best selling products they have at WishTrend.

Exfoliates skin cells .

 Eliminates waste from the skin.

Controls blackheads.

Volume: 60g.

Brand: Klairs

Made in South Korea.

                                           [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Mask

Price: $1.99

Moisturizing face mask to smooth your skin.

Volume: 23ml 1 sheet

Made is South Korea.

Here are some products for men:

[GATZMEN] Face Up Setting Bar

Price: $8.99

A simple stick that maintains the skin balance.
brightness and protection for the skin specially outdoors.
Moisturize men's skin.

Brand: Gatzmen
Volume: 9g.

                                      [CONFUME] Cube Wax : Super Power Hold

Price: $9.50

Style wax super hold to create dynamic hair styles.

Brand: Confume

Volume: 80g.

Made in South Korea.

I hope you like the products displayed on this blog post! ^^.

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