Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Years on Youtube My Experience

6 Years on Youtube:

  On March , 5th , 2009 in TV. Production class was when I created my Youtube channel just to upload TV. production related videos. Such as interviews , projects , studio tours and so on.

  I never knew I was going to be using the same channel for 6 more years!. 

 My experience has been a roller coaster , but not so bad I have to admit.

 Here is the bad:

* So many technical problems specially after Google bought Youtube it just worked worst in certain things. I remember in 2012 was when more technical problems started happening.

* Youtube support team it's not that great.
I remember in November 2013 I sent a email due to technical problems I had at that time. The Youtube team ( Not Machinima) replied 6 MONTHS later on April 2014!. It was crazy how long they took to reply 1 email. 

 Since last year in July 2014 they changed things and if you have 75,000 minutes of watch time you get "Youtube support" , even if you qualify it's not much help at all. 

 I even thought of quitting Youtube due to the bad support I got from them. They just don't want to help you at all. They always tell you they can't do anything , what kind of support is that?.
But I ignore them , and continue getting support from Machinima instead of trying to directly talk with Youtube support.

Here is the good:

* Getting to know amazing people who happen to be my subscribers =).

* Receiving shout outs , gifts and friendship from subscribers , readers and social media friends.

* In January, 18 , 2013 I got my Machinima partnership contract for 3 years!. =)

* Machinima always replies my emails in the same day or 3 days after. But they always reply and try their best to fix a problem (unlike Youtube support).

* Sponsorships , kind brands that gave me the opportunity to try their products and give them my honest opinion and promote them too.

* Creating , creating videos , web post's , blog post's and G+ social media. 

  I love creating videos it's my passion and I also love blogging. I been more years creating videos than blogging but I love both equally and I try my best at what I do.

  I will continue to create because that's what I do here. Even of sometimes I take a little while to do things because of work , family , and other issues that I have to live through. I still make art because it's a passion of mine.

 I know my channel is not big at all , but I will try to make it grow more , including my website and S.M. too. I have Italian blood I don't give up that easily even after 6 years.

 Salute! for another year here ;).

Thank you all of you who watch my videos , read my post's and follow me during all this time. I appreciate it all your support =').

Thank you for visiting!