Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pink Decora Fashion OASAP

Pink Decora Fashion :



Pink Fishnet tight socks:

Bottom: Skirt




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What is pink decora fashion?

 Decora is a fashion style from Japan which means decorate. Pink decora means pink decoration. 

 On this outfit I used a lot of pink but I also mixed black and some white too. I didn't want to make it 100% pink other wise it just wouldn't have any contrast.

The pink stockings do come in variety of colors such as red , white , black and more!

Here is in black:



Condition of product:★★★★★ 5

Condition of package:★★★★★ 5

Quality:★★★★★ 5

Comfortable: ★★★★★5

Easy to wear:★★★★★5


 Tips and Tricks:
   You will need stocking holders to hold the stocking in place. You purchase that at any lingerie store online or at the mall.
 For this look I picked a simple makeup with light gold eye shadow and long false eye lashes.

 You can use a pink eye shadow if you want it will look fine too.

 I also used a pink rabbit mask to make the look more kawaii! ^^

 For the hair I used a wig blonde and pink to give the effect of bubble gum.

Decora accessories:

 Decora fashion has a lot more accessories but I kept it simple. I added 2 hair clips one pink and one white.

I also used the cupcake clip to the side and a star clip on the front of my hair.

 The necklace is one of my favorite ones it matches any outfit and white pearls are timeless.
They never go out of style. The combination black lace top with white pearls are also timeless kind of like Coco Chanel.



             Thank you OASAP for sending these products I loved them! it's a pleasure to work with your brand.

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