Friday, March 13, 2015

Basic Visual-kei make-up tutorial (Ruki inspired)

Basic Visual-kei  make-up tutorial Ruki inspired Japanese Rock:

  Ruki is my favorite J- rock singer. I do have a lot of J-rock favorite bands too. I been listening to J- rock since 2010 pretty much. 

 Today Friday the 13 I uploaded The GazettE Ruki makeup tutorial let's get take a look!.

Watch tutorial HD:

                     Here is the neck makeup:

 How to:Neck makeup

  Step 1: Use a creamy black makeup and start drawing triangular lines.

Step 2: Keep drawing triangles up to 5 or 6.

                           Eye makeup:

 How to: Eye makeup

Step 1: Apply eye primer.

Step 2: Apply black eye shadow.

Step 3: Apply beige or white ( even silver can work) eye shadow.

Step 4: Apply black eyeliner in the edges.

Step 5: Apply white eyeliner in the eye water lines.

Step 6: Apply mascara.


  These are the makeup products I used in this tutorial:

* White makeup powder

* Wet n Wild eyeliners black and white.

*Revlon eye shadows black and silver.

*L'oreal lipgloss

*Cover girl mascara

*Urban Decay eye primer potion

*Black creamy makeup

                          Tips and tricks:

Tip 1: Lips

 If you don't want to use lip gloss , you can use chap stick instead.

Tip 2: Budget

 If you're on budget you can cut down some products. For example with the black eyeliner is enough to make the eyes look and the neck look.

 The black makeup cream just makes it easier to remove later on. 

 So in other words you can replace the black eye shadow and black creamy makeup for just the black pencil eyeliner.

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