Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Suja Essentials Review ◢BzzAgent◣


Suja Essentials Review:


Price: $3.99

On sale on most super markets.


  I tried 2 different flavors ; mango magic and sweet beets.My experience was not that good it's really sour.I thought it was going to be sweet since it has mango but not even close. The mix of ginger and mango makes it sour in my opinion.

  For the other flavor sweet beets was also sour too. It taste a little better but still sour.

My ratings:

Flavor: * 1 star

Quality: ***3 stars

Recommend to others: No , unless they like sour drinks.

   I appreciate BzzAgent for sending these products free for reviewing purposes , but they are just not for me. The flavors are too sour and I can't keep drinking them to be honest.

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