Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chinese Phoenix Crown + Chinese Bridal Makeup

Chinese Phoenix Crown:


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What is a phoenix crown?

 In Chinese is called "Fengguan(鳳冠)".
which means phoenix crown. It's a Chinese traditional headgear for women. Worn my noble women in the Ming Dynasty on ceremonies or special occasions.It's also the traditional headgear for brides too.

  The phoenix crowns were created in Tang Dynasty until the Ming Dynasty.

 The crown I'm wearing is more of the Ming Dynasty type of design. There are different phoenix crowns they change the designs over time.

 Phoenix crowns were worn by Chinese empresses as a symbol of power. For Chinese weddings the phoenix crown represents the women and the red wedding dress also called" Cheongsam wedding dress", represents the dragon which is the men.

Here is a photo of what phoenix crowns looked like in 

China in the past:

   Details of the crown:


Package condition:★★★★★5
Product condition:★★★★★5
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  The crown is a little heavy which is normal due to all the decorations it has. It's really shinny specially if you got outside on day light.

 It has a lot of flowers and 2 tassels one on each side of the crown.

Take a closer look at the design:

Back side look:

I picked gold and red accessories to match the phoenix crown. 
Finger cloths bracelet.
Chinese hair pin.
Chinese Bridal Makeup:

To match the colors of the phoenix crown , accessories and clothing I did my makeup with gold eye shadow and red lips.

I used the following:
*Red lip gloss VS.
*Gold eye shadow L'oreal.
*False eyelashes Wet'n'Wild.
*Urban Decay primer.
*Almay foundation + concealer.


For the clothes I'm wearing a red satin robe with a gold belt and red high heel shoes.
I will wear a cheongsam on another tutorial , I just wanted to focus on the phoenix crown this time.

With the purchase I got a free gift!

Feather hair clip!

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial and learned something new!. I will be making hair tutorials , nail tutorials and fashion look books.
I been doing research on Youtube and to be honest I haven't seen tutorials or phoenix crown videos much on Youtube. Is like a video theme that hasn't been put out there much.
That's one of the reasons I want to make them because not many people have done it so is something different out there and on the internet specially Youtube to find something missing or barely there is unusual.

For those of you wondering I'm NOT getting married , I bought the phoenix crown because it's beautiful to me and something that no one in my family had at all. I also love the history and meaning of the phoenix crown too.

I'm very happy with my purchase , if you want to buy a phoenix crown for yourself I would recommend this seller.Very good costumer service responds quickly and the condition of everything was perfect.

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