Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kawaii Easter Cupcakes

Kawaii Easter Cupcakes:

 Easter is coming up on April 5th ,2015. Here is a cute tutorial on how to make kawaii cupcakes for Easter!.

Watch video HD: 
(Airs 3/21/2015 at 1PM)

What you will need is:

* Cupcake mix ( strawberry was the flavor I picked).

* 3 eggs

* Oil

* Frosting 

*Real strawberries (optional)

*Tooth picks

* Kawaii print outs specially rabbits!.

*Cupcake maker

 The cupcake maker can make up to 7 cupcakes in 10 - 15 minutes!.

 That's how it looks on the inside =).

 The cupcake mix is strawberry and they are really pink inside and out.

 The frosting is also strawberry flavor and pink too!.
 You can use real strawberries on top if you like.
You can also add rabbit paper on top to decorate.

 This cupcakes can also be good for parties , Kawaii gatherings or just to cheer you up on a blue day.=)

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