Monday, March 2, 2015

Youtube 101: Branding Intro Removal by Youtube

Youtube 101: Branding Intro Removal by Youtube.

  On March 31st Youtube is removing the branding intro feature forever. This feature was added last year on September / October 2014.

  The reason why Youtube is removing this feature is because it's not that popular among Youtubers.

  If you want to keep your branding intro or add one before it's gone here is what you need to do.

First create a 3 second video with your channel name or website. It can also include your social media too. 

Here is a quick example:

 I picked to put my website since it's the same username for my channel and social media.


Step 1: Click on Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Channel.

Step 3: Click on Branding.

Step 4: Click on "branding intro choose new video" , if you want to change it.

Step 5: Click "apply all uploads", if you want your video to appear on all your other videos.

Step 6: Here you can see the yellow message that says Youtube will remove branding intros on March 31st. 

 If you want to remove it select "Remove branding intro".

If you want to keep it select "Keep current branding intro".

You can also select if you want your intro at the start of your videos or at the end. Remember it's only 3 seconds.

 If you don't do anything regarding your branding intro after March 31st you will loose it forever.

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