Thursday, February 11, 2016

Best ways to buy a fashion belt

Best ways to buy a fashion belt:

 To every women's outfit the best accessory next to the purse is the belt. 
 It can give more shape and  form to a women's body, specially definition in the waist area. 

  On Ebay you will find variety of belts for women from all rage of prices. 
You can find belts for 0.01 cent on Ebay bids (auctions) try searching like this: 

1.Type in "Women's belts" or just "belts". 

2. Click on "Auctions". 

3. Adjust price range from low to high. 

4. Adjust shipping to FREE shipping. 

5.Adjust maximum price to 0.99 if that is  the most you want to pay for the belt. 

6. Adjust location if you want only 1 one country . I would recommend "Worldwide", to get way better deals and it will still show you as FREE shipping. 

7. Adjust "NEW" items only , meaning that the belt you buy it's in new condition not used. 

8. Start searching!. 

9. When you find a belt you like bid on it. 

10.Make sure you check when the auction ends they usually can last from 3 days up to 1 week only. 

11. When you win you will get an email notification saying that you won and you need to pay for the belt. 

 If you don't like auctions  or really need a belt now and can't wait for the auction to end you,  have more options of belts that cost as low as 0.71 cents + FREE shipping worldwide on "Buy it now". 

 Try searching for something more specific like if you want the belt to have a bow than type in: " Belt with cute bow" or " Belt with bow". 

If you're searching for a specific material like Faux than type in: " Faux PU  belt". 

 For a specific belt color it's a little more hard to search because sometimes sellers ran out of stock of that specific color, like black or pink are the most sold belt colors that I seen sold out on Ebay. 

 A lot of sellers list the belts with different color options  , so before you buy you have to pick 1 color. Other sellers will give you a good deal but send you a random color of belt. 

 Now you know how to buy a belt on ebay auctions and buy it now option.

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