Monday, February 15, 2016

Pucca Cosplay Matrix

Pucca Cosplay Matrix:



*Matrix super fixer strong hold gel.

*Matrix volume fixer spray.

Watch tutorial HD:

Tips and tricks:

The hair style is 2 buns and really easy to make. 

The gel will help the hair be less frizzy, specially the buns it tends to get frizzy at times.
I also used the gel for my bangs since I placed them to the side. 

The gel will keep it in place for a long time.

The hair spray will help hold the look , while adding volume to the buns too.

This hair look can take less than 10 minutes.

Ratings for products:

Quality: 5/5 stars

Effective: 5/5 stars

Scent: 5/5 stars

Over all: 5/5 stars


All you need is;


* False eyelashes

*False eyelashes glue

*Black and white eyeliner

*Mascara (optional)

*Natural color eye shadow (meaning that matches your skin tone).

*Red lip gloss or lipstick.

This will take 5 or 10 minutes.


#Pucca #OOTD

This outfit can be an everyday #OOTD or a good cosplay combo too.

I used :

* Red long sleeve top:

*Black leggings:

*Red high heel shoes (optional).
I just love wearing high heels!

Total:$24.15 complete cosplay outfit.
(If you want to add the heels it will be $34.99 the total cost of this outfit).

Thank you Matrix for the wonderful products!
I loved them =).
It's an honor to work with your company ^^!.

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