Thursday, February 11, 2016

Best ways to buy a mini backpack

Best ways to buy a mini backpack:

 For  traveling to near places instead of using a big backpack that occupies a bunch of space is better to use a mini backpack.  

 You can carry things like your wallet , makeup , smartphone , pack of gum , ectr. 
Everything that is  small or medium size will fit in a mini backpack. 

On Ebay you will  find variety of mini backpacks for kids or for women. 
Usually for kids they have Disney and Hello Kitty designs that is the most popular for girls. For boys Star Wars  is the most popular mini back packs. 

 Women and girls mini back packs on Ebay start st $3.59 FREE shipping. There are a lot of coin wallets with the backpack shape don't get confused and read carefully the tittle and description of the product. 

 On Ebay Auctions you will find mini backpacks starting at $3.25 Free shipping. 
It's not that much the difference in price of the mini backpacks in the auctions  than in buy it now. 

 The difference between auction and buy it now is that on the buy it now you're buying the product for sure. On auction you're bidding against other bidders. 
If you see the message that says ; " you're the highest bidder" means you're winning. 
If you see a message that says ; " You been out bid" in red letters means someone bid more money than you , and you're not getting the product.

 Who ever pays up to the deadline of the bid wins. The problem with that is sometimes you can get carried away and end up paying way more money than what it actually would cost. 

 For mini backpacks go to " buy it now " option on Ebay. 

The cheapest Hello kitty mini backpacks start at: $7.99 FREE shipping. 

Panda mini backpacks start at ; $3.59 (see size before buying). 

Totoro mini backpack starts at ; $8.99 FREE shipping. 

Doraemon mini backpack starts at :$7.99 +$1.99 shipping. 

Leather with studs starts at: $13.99 FREE shipping. 

It depends what you're looking for in a mini backpack. Usually most backpacks are around $10 Free shipping .

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