Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to make a Kawaii Ebay Collection

Follow these steps to create the Kawaii collection:

Step 1: Make a tittle of the collection called , "Kawaii" or "Cute things". 

Step 2: Search Kawaii/ cute  products on Ebay. 

Step 3: Pick the products and click " Add to collection". 

Step 4: Pick a title to your collection. 

Step 5:  Write a description of your product and save. 

Step 6. Done! now repeat with the other products you want to add. 

  Creating a collection can be fun and it makes it easier to organize things you like on Ebay or wish to buy. You can also add products to your wish list if you want to friends or family to buy them for you for the holidays. 

 You can add as many products as you like on a collection and create as many collections as you want in different themes. 

Kawaii products also include characters such as Hello kitty , Rilakkuma , Totoro , Sanrio characters  and many more!. 

Kawaii means cute in Japanese. In Japan Kawaii is a big fashion trend specially in Tokyo. You can find Kawaii accessories , clothes , snacks , makeup , nails , and other products in a lot of store in Tokyo. Some  of those products are sold here on Ebay. 

To find Kawaii products from Japan make sure you include this on your search: 
" Japanese Kawaii clothes" or write the word "Kawaii" before the name of the product you are looking for. 

"Kawaii makeup". 
"Kawaii Clothes". 
"Kawaii squishies" , and so on. 

You can also create different collections such as;  
"Kawaii purses". 
"Kawaii shoes". 
"Kawaii Accessories". 

If there are too many products on your collection you might want to organize them in a deeper category separately. 

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