Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shopping Guide: Selling and buying a pocket watch

Shopping Guide: Selling and buying a pocket watch:

Selling and buying are different things. Here are some tips on how to sell and buy a pocket watch. 


 You have to look for pocket watch that is new , if it's used it has to be in a good condition. Also be sure to read the description of the product like the size , battery information , brand , and quality. 

Step by step buying a pocket watch tutorial: 

Step 1: Search on Ebay tab: Pocket watch 

Step 2: Pick your options such as; 
Free shipping , Price from low to high , price limit , buy it now option. 

Step 3: Start looking at the products display. 

Step 4: Read carefully the description of the product and decide if it;s a good investment before buying. 

Step 5: Click buy it now , double check the shipping address and confirm your payment. 

Done! sit back and wait for the mail to come =). 

How to sell a pocket watch tutorial: 

Step 1:Take photos of the pocket watch , make sure it's a white back ground and HD photo to make the product look better and  clear. 

Step 2: You must have an Ebay account and paypal account too. 

Step 3: Write as much information as possible. 
Ask your self the following questions; 

Is it new? 

Is it used , if so how long? 

What condition is it? 

What battery does it need? 

Any damage? 

Does it have it's original box and tag? 

What brand is it? does it include the authenticity certificate of the brand when it was purchase? 

Step 4: Pick if you want to offer returns , free shipping , what countries to ship to. 

Step 5: You might have to pay a 10 cents fee for each product you list for sell. 

Step 6: Done! now be ready to sell the products , ship the packages and answer questions of your costumers. 

Important tip: 
Good costumer service is key to a good business. Remember to leave feedback to your costumer and encourage them to leave feedback of your service. 

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