Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sailor Pluto Cosplay Cospicky

Sailor Pluto Cosplay Cospicky:

Video cosplay HD:




Use this coupon to save money!
Coupon code: electrofries

Amount:10% OFF on a purchase of $50 or more.

Deep green Sailor Pluto Wig

Color: Deep green
(Emerald green to be exact).

39.37 Inches

Artificial fiber hair

Comes with 2 pieces the long wig and the bun can be attached separately.


Quality:5/5 stars

Material: 5/5 stars

Easy to wear: 5/5  stars

Color : 5/5 stars

Well made: 5/5 stars

Over all: 5/5 stars

Common questions:

Q1. How long does it take to apply a wig?

A.Less than 1 minute usually, this is a long wig it can take 1 or 2 minutes.

Q2.Does it bother you when the wig is this long?

A. No , my REAL hair is 91CM (36 Inches almost) and to me it's normal.

Q3. Where can you wear this wig?

A. You can wear it to a cosplay convention , Halloween , Comic Con , Mega Con , costume party , and St.Patrick's day too.
To be honest you can wear it anywhere you want be free to wear what you like.=)

Q4. Does it get hot wearing a wig?

A. It can if you're outside in the hot weather , some cosplayers place a ice pack between the wig cap and the wig to keep them cool.
If you stay inside with air conditioner you will be fine , or if it's cold outside the wig will keep you nice and warm ;).

Q5. Where can I get this wig and is the service good?

A. You can get it here :

Use this coupon to save money!
Coupon code: electrofries

Amount:10% OFF on a purchase of $50 or more.
The wig is worth $36 so you can buy something of $14 to get 10% off.

The service is good they do the shipping very fast and provide a tracking code.
I live in Florida so the package took 2 weeks to get here because the company Cospicky is in Asia.

If you live in another state or country it can take less or longer.

Wig Looks:

With bun:

With out bun:


*Hot pink lipgloss.

*False eyelashes

*White eyeliner


*False eyelashes glue

*Black eyeliner

*Light gold eye shadow


*Eye primer

*Blush (optional)

Fashion Cosplay:

*Black skirt

*Sailor top

*Red bow

*Red brooch

*White gloves ( optional)

*Long black boots or red high heels can work too.
The character has black boots , but I liked the red high heels more with this look.

*Chain belt with 1 or more keys.
I used 1 big heart key other wise it gets heavy if I keep adding a lot of keys.

Thank you Cospicky for sending me this wig I loved it!. It's an honor to work with your brand =).

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