Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to use Ebay collections to boost your sales

How to use Ebay collections to boost your sales:

Easy 4 steps on how to create a collection: 

Step 1: Add your products to collections. 

If you sell accessories you can make different collections for earrings , necklaces , bracelets , rings. 

Step 2: Once you selected the product added to the  collection by clicking " add to collection". 

Step 3: Pick a name for your collection and add a description of the product too. 

Step 4: Done! now you can do the same with the other products. 

  The collections can boost your sales because it helps you being organized and it can 
attract new clients too. People always look around the web and by having a collection of your products you are going to get higher chances of making more sales. 

 Make sure you add the correct information always and the products are all organized too. Use HD photos to display your products better on Ebay. 
Use tags that describe your product and popular tags that might go with the category of your product too.  

In business you need to use  all the tools you can to promote your business. Ebay offers free tools that can help you boost your sales easily. 

Examples Ebay guides , collections , selling. 

When you make a guide or collection you can also share the link on your social media to boost your sales even more. 

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