Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tips on tracking shipment

Tips on tracking shipment:

  When you make a purchase on Ebay usually the seller gives you a tracking code. 

That tracking code is to track where your shipment is going. Such as if it was shipped , location on where it was received , time of arrival , and when it arrives. 

 The tracking code is found on your purchase history on your Ebay account. 
When you see the product you purchase at the bottom it  should have a blue highlighted part with numbers and it says "tracking code". 

  Click on the tracking number and a window should pop up with the information of the tracking of your package. Once it's shipped it will appear in green with a check mark next to the tracking code. 

 Some sellers sometimes don't provide a tracking code. Before you purchase something on Ebay you can message the seller and ask them if they can provide you with a tracking code.  Depending on the country is being shipped sometimes they might charge you $1 or $2 dollars more to get insurance and a tracking code for the product shipping. 

 If the shipping is international is highly recommended to get a tracking code and insurance for your package. Make sure to contact seller and ask questions about the shipping. 

1. If the product included a tracking code. 

2.How long usually takes the shipping. 

3. If the seller offers insurance for the package , meaning you might have to pay a little more but it's a safe way to make sure you will receive the product. 

4. If the seller does the shipping to your country. Some seller only do national shipping or only certain countries due to restrictions or too expensive shipping cost. 

If you are the one doing the shipping , you can always get a tracking code at the post office ask them to provide one for you when you drop off the package. 

 Once you get your tracking number remember to let your costumer know and send the tracking  number on Paypal.

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