Monday, February 29, 2016

How to save on baby products on Ebay

How to save on baby products on Ebay:

Accessories Saving strategies:

 Most baby accessories start as low as 0.83 cents + free shipping. 
You can find hair accessories , travel bags , toys , headbands , shoes and more. 

For baby shoes on bids they start at 0.01 cents + free shipping . On "buy it now" they start at 0.83 cents + free shipping. You can pick more variety of colors and designs on the buy it now option than in the bids. Usually on Ebay bids they offer only 1 design and 1 color , on "buy it now" option you can pick more colors and designs too. 

For baby diaper bags the lowest you can find on "buy it now" option is $1.50 + free shipping. On Ebay bids they lowest you can find the baby diaper bags are 0.01 cents + free shipping. 

For baby toys you can find on Ebay bids starting at 0.01 cent + free shipping. 
On Ebay buy it now option you can find baby toys for 0.83 + free shipping. 

For baby headbands the lowest in 0.81 cents + free shipping on "buy it now" option , on Ebay bids is 0.01 cents + free shipping. 

For baby strollers I would recommend buying national meaning inside your country the shipping would be cheaper than international mail. On Ebay the strollers are  around $30.00 + free shipping buy it now option. On Ebay bids you might find it cheaper than $30.00. Be very careful with the quality and the size of the stroller. If you need to buy parts to repair a stroller they are also on sale on Ebay.

 Clothing Saving strategies:

Buying baby clothes on Ebay can be cheaper than in an actual physical store or other online stores. On Ebay you have more deals and chances of saving money including using Ebay bids. 

On Buy it now it's easier to look around usually you will find $4 and up + free shipping too. On Ebay bids you can  find from 0.01 Cent and up but the prices are always changing due to other bidders are bidding and it can go higher. 

First make sure the clothes is in new condition , and take a close look at the sizes too. 
Sizes in other countries change like S in US is like M in Asia. Usually to see how the sizes are some sellers provide a size chart comparing the sizes to other countries. Other sellers provide the  only size they have , like "one size" and they display the number of the shoulders , chest , waist , and so on. 

 Also look for Ebay coupons this can be used when you check out , for Ebay gift cards they can also be used when you check out just place the code and the amount should be $0.00. You will need a Paypal account to confirm the purchase. 

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