Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to save money on Ebay

How to save money on Ebay:

Easy saving strategies on how to save money on Ebay:

Sometimes products on Ebay are cheaper on Ebay Auctions. 

You  go to search results on Ebay and look for  the product you want like " purses". 
Click on " more refinements" and pick the following; 

*Brand ( if you want a specific brand). 

*Color ( for specific color). 

*Skip type if you already wrote the type of product. 

*Condition :  pick new. 

*Price: Pick the lowest price and place it in the second square instead of the first one. 
Let's say you want a $5 purse than leave the low price section blank and place the $5 amount on the second square. This will make your results show you all the purses on sale up to $5 which is your budget. 

*Format: this is the option where you can pick to "Buy it now" or "Auction". 
When you auction (bid) on a product is not 100% sure you will get it because other people will bid too. If you want to be sure to get the product you need than "buy it now" would be better that way you get it 100%. 

*Item location: Pick if you want the product national or international. 
Recommended : Worldwide for better deals. 

*Sellers : (skip this option unless you want to see from specific seller). 

*Delivery options: Free shipping (always). 

*Show Only: I usually skip this step , but if you want to select paypal accepted  , accepts a better offer , or returns accepted , than this is where you pick which one works for you. 

You can also use this strategy when you buy on ebay : 

   Pick the option " Price + Shipping: Lowest first". 
This way you will see all the cheaper products first and you get better deals. 
Ebay will always display " Best Match" so you have to change it manually. 
Just because it's "best match" it does not mean it's the best deal. Best match is usually the best result similar to the product you are looking for. It does not mean it's the cheaper  price and it's random order too. 

Here are a few saving strategies on Ebay bids:

Ebay bids are also called "Ebay Auctions". Sometimes products are cheaper on bids than "buy it now" option. On Ebay bids you can get products as low as 0.01 cent! yes 1 CENT! + free shipping too!. 

You have to be extremely lucky to be the only bidder and get the product for 0.01 cent , but it's possible. Many stores in China make sales in physical stores , online stores , factory sales and Ebay stores. This means that what ever they have in stock in the factory they need to sell it asap so that's when you can get a good deal on bids. 

I was lucky to get Korean Tony Moly hair chalk for 0.11 cents + free shipping product from South Korea and shipped from there too. I was the second bidder and won. 

Not every time I bid I get lucky , sometimes I stop bidding because the bidders get so carried on that the price of the product becomes more than the "buy it now" price. 
This means you end up paying more on the bids sometimes than on "buy it now" option. 
This happens because bidders keep bidding and sometimes the prices go up to the clouds. 

So here is what you need to do ; if you see a product like a t-shirt that is original price on  
"buy it now" is $7 and on the bid's is 0.55 cents than you start bidding let's say bid 0.64 cents to get started. If you are the highest bidder you will get a notice in green , if you're not the highest bidder you will get a notice in red. 

If the original price is $7 for a t-shirt than a good price to bid the most is between $4 - $5. 
If the price of the bid is higher than $7 stop bidding! it's better to buy it now or bid on a similar product but from another seller. 

A lot of Ebay stores from China carry the same or similar products because they were made or sold from the same factory. This makes it easier to get a good deal , if a seller sales a jacket for $13 and another seller might sell the same jacket for $8 you save money instantly just by looking  the same product on the results. 

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